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The Walt Disney Company | Biography, Movies

The entertainment industry knows the name Walt Disney Company for being one of the top companies in the world, commonly known as Disney. The American company Disney is a multinational mass media and entertainment company. It became wildly famous for delivering its animated cartoons with some interesting storylines to the audience through its television channel for decades. Afterward, they also made the ginormous ‘Disney World’ in many countries, based on the stories and animations, for the people to feel it in real life, which indeed helped them to make name for themselves. As the company says, “The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform, and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling…”


S/No. Particulars Key Answers
1. Legal Name Walt Disney Company
2. Неаdquаrtеrѕ Rеgіоnѕ Burbank, California, United States
3. Fоundеd Dаtе 16 October 1923
4. Fоundеr Walt Disney, Roy O. Disney
5. Соmраnу Туре Entertainment and media 
6. Nеt Wоrth іn 2021  $140 Billion


Key Executives

  • Chairman: Robert A. Iger
  • Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Bob Chapek
  • Director: Calvin R. McDonald (since 2021) 


History of the Company

Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney founded the ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’ on October 16, 1923, in California, United States. The company is now known as The Walt Disney Company has become one of the top companies in the industry throughout the years. Walt Disney used to draw cartoons from a very young age and drew for many publications, who then developed an interest in animation while he was working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company. Walt moved to Los Angeles after his Laugh-O-Gram Studio got bankrupt in 1923 and sold a short film called ‘Alice’s Wonderland’ produced by the company and made a contract to make six more films like that, while his brother Roy was also recovering from tuberculosis there. In the process of production, the films the company was founded by both brothers, and to join them in Hollywood they started persuading Virginia Davis who also played ‘Alice’ and their collaborator UB IWERKS. After the success of the Alice Comedie, in 1927 a series based on a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was released. Afterward, the ‘Mickey Mouse’ was introduced to the world through two silent films, ‘Plane Crazy’(1928), ‘Gallopin’ Gaucho’(1928), and then the first Mickey cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie’(1928) which kept its dominance in the industry throughout the years. They released ‘Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’ in 1937, which became one of the biggest hits of all time. From there on they have produced many hit animations and became the favorite amongst the people. 

Net worth and Income

In July 2021, the net worth of Disney has stated approximately 140 billion dollars. Disney also operates a lot of parks and owns many resorts and broadcast networks. So, the company’s most of profit comes from the parks and their products. The companies that are owned by Disney include ABC, ESPN (with 80%stake), Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Hollywood Records, Core Publishing and the list goes on. There are also many franchises that the company owns like Star Wars, The Muppets, Disney Princesses/Princes, etc.


As a top company, Disney also got into lots of controversies. Disney was accused of corrupt values, racism, stereotyping the non-white characters, and also their work ethics. They were also accused of plagiarism.  



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